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I cannot forget something like that
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perhaps next time
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五十五 [video/action] godzirraaaaa
[Video; Sunday the 11th]

[Japan has certainly had his share of accidental videos, but this one seems a little more explosive. Well, at least, the communicator turns on after being thrown across the room, showing a tilted angle of an already messed up floor. It goes on like this for a short while, the only other noise being the sounds of things being knocked over until it gets quiet.

Finally, Japan's voice can be heard, but it sounds more like he's talking to himself than anything.]
Ah... I cannot find it any longer... [He never seems to notice the communicator in time, and it shuts off automatically.]

[Action; Sunday the 11th]

[Of course Japan is generally confused about these strange thoughts. Is the stress of the New Year getting to him?! Okay, no, he realizes that can't be it. But it seems like he can't find his pill with all the apartment trashing going on either. Feel free to run into him in his room or around Discedo. Just... watch out. Something doesn't seem quite right.]

[Action; Monday the 12th]

[So Japan doesn't manage to find his pill in time. And guess what he's turning into! YUP. Godzilla.

So that means you're free to run into him in the transformation process (he would start feeling odd in Marshall but slowly move out to the lake before turning into Godzilla), or while in the lake, emerging from the lake, ANYWHERE IN DISCEDO REALLY. Monster fights are a-okay. So are any attempts to help him or hurt him or anything really...

I don't have anything specific in mind, so if you have any ideas, like finding the pill for him or fighting him or anything, just let me know in the tag! OH. Also just so you know, Japan is chipped, so he won't be as fully destructive as he could have been. Be grateful or something.]

4th wall day [4]
I do not like the sound of that
...Such a familiar thing, even though I have just recently returned? Uwah...

It is even more familiar than the last time.

[ Feel free to spot Japan walking around Discedo, as well! Or in his apartment. ]

五十四 [action/video]
perhaps we could rethink this
Action for MarcoCollapse )


[After all of that, the video clicks on to Japan, now dressed nicely in a suit and tie, giving the communicator a worried sort of frown.]

Ah, hello, everyone. [No, what, that was too casual and too formal all at once! What was he supposed to say, anyway? How could he even... ...] Um, that is to say... It seems I have returned. [That much was obvious though. And now he's obviously getting a little flustered as he struggles to find the right balance of words. He can't just apologize publicly... Though maybe he should. No, what if... Gahhh, now he's wasting time!]

I feel as though I have much to say to everyone, so I would greatly appreciate responses to allow me to do so. ...Thank you. [A familiar old bow to the camera, and it ends there. Unless you're Kresnik. Everyone else can feel free to run into him and make it an action thread, though!]

Locked to KresnikCollapse )


五十三 [video]
g-get off!
[The camera turns on to Japan in his police uniform, looking oh so serious! He's spent most of the day trying to resist urges and such, but he's reached a point where it's just not cutting it.]

Greetings, everyone. It has come to my attention that the rate of crime in this place is far too high! Even though this place has very little order...

[ On a nearby wall, a shadow is reflected. At first glance it seems that it's someone doing The Creep, but no, the movements are too slow and there is not enough heavy breathing. The shadow grows taller as the actual figure enters the foreground.

It's America.

Dressed like some sort of dracula and smiling like a maniac. He is stealthy-sneaky so as not to alert Japan to his presence.

this can only spell shenanigansCollapse )

五十二 [video]
I'm sure you understand.
[Here is Japan in his snazzy black uniform as usual... ...He seems a bit more serious, though.]

Many of my clothes have gone missing, so if you are responsible, I would appreciate a notice of some sort. I have no trouble making clothes, you realize. There is no need to steal. [There's a huff of a sigh, and he moves on.]

In any case, I am contacting the network to see if anyone would be interested in sparring. ...I am skilled with both a katana and martial arts, so please do not hesitate to ask.

...Aside from all of the business, is everyone doing alright?

Locked 90% to Fempan, China, Hong Kong, KoreaCollapse )

五十一 [Video]
[As the video clicks on, it shows a prinny first, and then slowly turns back to Japan. There's a chorus of "dood" in the background, but Japan speaks over it.]

Ah, Karkat... I believe I found Benfromlost-san. Was he lost? I do not understand how... Ah, at least, he responded to that name...

[But his voice trails off and a shocked expression slowly sets on his face. He lowers his hand with the communicator, so the view's obscured, but if you look closely you might see something that looks like... a ghost image of Seifer?]

such a lame bromance flashbackCollapse )

五十 [Video/Action]
I will need my hat first
For those who I have been unable to send this to as of yet, please accept this program. Ah, it is a map. I believe it will be of assistance.

[He sends his map program to anyone who hasn't received it yet. And then gives a little bow.]

Ah... For those who do not know, I am the Empire of Greater Japan. ...Pleased to meet you. ...If there are any questions about the situation, or perhaps something else, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lock to Hong KongCollapse )

Lock to Japan/SakuraCollapse )

Lock to KresnikCollapse )

[After this post, he'll be walking around Discedo. Feel free to spot him anywhere. He might even be examining some bodies, or checking on CR.]

四十九 [accidental video]
that is in the past
[The familiar bzzzzt that so often sounds over the network is a bit muffled this time, with the communicator set askew on top of a pile of clothing. At first there's nothing but the view of a lopsided dock and lake. The feed continues like this only for a short moment, though, before there's a louder splash and Japan climbs out of the water in nothing but a pair of shorts he had managed to locate in the mall.

He's pretty toned-- and here you were probably thinking he was a beanpole. Jafanservice.

Okay anyway, you're totally not paying attention to his abs or how the water's dripping off of him, right? Because you're way more concerned about the serious look on his face. It's not just normal-level serious. It's one of those "I'm moping about 5,000 thoughts in my head" serious looks.

He doesn't seem to notice the communicator recording as he reaches over it to grab a towel, places it over his head and moves back to sit with his feet in the water, looking across the lake. The feed continues like this for a while before timing out.

Those in Spero are welcome to come bug him in person, too!]

四十八 [video] +map application for communicators
I do not like the sound of that
[The video clicks on to Japan, though a bit pale, merely looking focused while walking. The serious sort of mood might be ruined by the blue phoenix moving from resting on his head to curling around his neck, though. Shortly after the feed turns on, something is sent to everyone's communicator. A program!]

This is the map program I was speaking of earlier. [He pauses, steadying his hold on the communicator with a frown.] To operate it, simply choose your location in the drop down box labeled "location" and your destination in the box labeled "destination," and then click on the "give directions" button. I believe it's quite straight forward. It will provide a map with the fastest path highlighted, and a list of directions.

There is also a simple map of the areas I have mapped out, if you simply wish to look. This can be accessed in the menu and includes Discedo, Dissimulo, the forest to the East before that walled city, Spero, the borders of the lake, and at least the path to Accido... Though I apologize, I did not map that city.

Please be sure to transfer this to those who arrive here each time.

[At this, Marco hops off Japan's shoulders and suddenly there's a pirate behind Japan.] Oi oi. Cube I need you to come check out Japan, eh? I'm not sure how toxic this stuff is so be careful. [Super deadpan faced.]

[Japan whirls back to stare.] E-eh?! I am fine, so please do not worry! [And the feed shuts off there.]

四十七 [Video] Locked from Marco
there is no other way?
...If anyone could spare the time, I need some quick advice. Ah, you see... I need to surprise Marco. ...But he is quite difficult to shock in any way.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

四十六 [video]
please stop asking
[The camera gets a close up of Japan's dark hat before he pulls it away, looking bit startled. Woops, clicked that a bit too early... Anyway. Nothing wrong with getting your mind off things, right?]

...To perhaps lighten the situation a bit, what sort of clothing does everyone like? It takes quite some time locating the correct materials here, but it is possible to make such things as well as find them. [This is Japan... the one who tries to look his best while going out, even in a post apocalyptic city. Anyway, for most people, it ends there. He'll throw up some easy locks (for him) just to be polite.]

Locked to HeijiCollapse )

Locked to MarcoCollapse )

四十五 [video]
I will add it to my list
[Here is Japan-- maybe a little tired, but he certainly appears better than the last couple of times you might have seen him. From the background, you might guess he's inside a house somewhere-- that's right. Anyone staying with him or knowing where he's living in Dissimulo can drop in with an action tag, but anyway, he just has a quick message today.]

Ah, for those of you who can spare the time... I have been working for quite a while on a program that should act as a map on your communicator. Simply typing in a location, if worded correctly, could give you the directions from where you input you are standing...

However, now that we are so spread out, I would like to expand its area, as well. Could those of you in Spero or to the East send me detailed information on your surroundings? I would very much appreciate it.

Once I've completed this, I will be sure to share. [He bows to the communicator and shuts it off.]

四十四 [video]
I will not stop!
[Having left on the 28th, Kresnik and Japan were finally in Discedo. He had left the Watch leader to find his sister while he went to look for others.

But it became clear that he would need to search quickly and thoroughly. So the video comes on to a shot of Japan walking down the Marshall apartment hallway.]

For those of you in Discedo, Kresnik-san and I are here. We will gladly lead a group to Dissimulo, so please, if you are not prepared already, do so now.

Ah, I am curious how things are going in other areas as well. [Spero? East trip? Back in Dissimulo?] I will do my best to reply quic--

[As he stops walking, his voice trails off as well. He looks... Extremely bothered, and there's some motion as he lowers the communicator to be held at his side. If you focus through the shaking, you'll see he's examining a doorway.]

Why is the door with Hong Kong-kun not here?! [Oh. That was a bit more emotion than he would have liked to reveal, so he quickly shuts the communicator off. What could have happened to a door...]

四十三 [audio]
if there is one last chance
[After this log at some ridiculous hour in the morning, Japan's communicator will post a message. He sounds calm-- well no, not calm. He sounds casual, though.]

How is everyone faring?

There are quite a few buildings here, so I have been trying my best to take a look around. Ah, though, there is nothing too unusual. I wonder how the area that was hit is now that it has been some time...

In any case, it is dangerous, and being separated makes it difficult to check on others, so everyone... please take care. [He shuts it off there.]

4th wall day [3]
considering the past case...
[About six days of traveling and some investigating of things off to the side had gotten Japan's group to Dissimulo by now. But there seemed to be more there than those shadow creatures he had been noticing...]

This sort of familiar feeling... at a time like this? [He glances around and then looks down to his communicator with a frown.]

How strange...

四十二 [audio]
is that a professional opinion?
[After this log, Japan finally settles down long enough to take his own communicator with a sigh. America was in the hospital, Tatsumi was... well. Here, with Japan. So... Time to end the panic that the city is in.

But what about America? Japan wasn't exactly happy with Tatsumi, but he wasn't going to sell him out when America was so concerned like this. After a few troubled minutes, Japan turns the communicator on and speaks calmly. He doesn't sound as exhausted as he really is for this moment.]

The issue with Tatsumi-san was taken care of.

Please be aware of those seeming injured or ill and urge them to the hospital immediately. An effect of sorts is denial, so it is best to make sure that everyone is healthy. I do not wish to witness more death.

[A pause.]

Alstreim-san, Gakupo-san, please contact me if you can. That is all. [The feed clicks off.]

(ooc: This signals the end to Tatsumi's chip event!)

四十一 [action/video]
is that a Western method...?
[If you're paying attention to the network, you may see Japan's early afternoon message.]

It seems that so many are leaving. ... There was a time like this previously, before the new year. I am not certain that it is any sort of end, but it is certainly a time of changing. [He looks like he's looking at a stack of drawings. Anyone with a good eye might recognize the pictures Italy had left Germany. He lowers them to look more directly at the communicator.]

For those of you who are familiar with me... Do not hesitate to ask me to accompany you for tea and a small talk. I can understand that such times may bring a variety of emotions. I would like to be helpful.

For those of you who do not... [a small bow.] I am known as Japan. Pleased to meet you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

[It ends there.

Japan has been very focused on doing work recently. You might spot him working in his classroom, training in more dangerous parts of the city, or taking walks at any time of day or night. He also seems to like sitting on roofs watching the moons at night. So feel free to spot him with this focused sort of air anywhere around town! He might be so focused that he runs into you on accident!]

四十 [text]
what a forward method...
So much can occur in a short time. Time is a bit surprising, isn't it? I am so old, it is sometimes difficult to remember just how much can be experienced in as short of a period as a year.

That aside, I have a question for the sake of the stories I occasionally illustrate. Why do you suppose some friends are on a different level than others? How does such a thing occur? The borders between types of relationships can be quite complicated, can't they...

Please share any thoughts on this matter. I am sure they would assist my stories greatly.

[STORIES... SURE... also, I'll probably be getting to tags a bit out of order just for my convenience, so don't mind that!]

三十九 [voice] AU!Discedo; forward dated to tonight
why is it that you ask me?
This world is false. The Discedo we recall is different. We were not forced into such fake identities.

[This is voice for a reason, but if anyone knows where Japan "lives", feel free to spot him. He'll be leaving just as quickly, though.]

I believe that is why the happenings in this place should bear no weight. If there is hesitation... allow me to help. [a pause. yes he is saying if his friends are hesitating he will just decide for them. probably creepy. but vague enough to escape some odd questions, maybe? Maybe not!]

If I am needed here, let it be before tonight. Seifer, I would like to speak to you when you have the time. It is rather important.

[and he ends the feed. NOTE: Japan will die at the veeeery end of this post, seppuku style. If you want him to kill your character, we can work it out to be before then. (So Yusei-mun and Moe-chan you guys can contact me!)

Also my laptop died so I apologize for any slowness and that's why it's forward dated. w;A;w]

三十八 [voice/action] AU!Discedo
I will never understand...
To those who know me, I have been attempting to contact each of you. Ah, it is a bit difficult in some cases, considering the circumstances...

Talking on the phone during school? I thought you didn't break rules, Honda!

Ah... excuse me?

Aw, come on, you had to know this was coming. Why're you on your phone? It's not gonna stop us!

[There's some shuffling here, but it's not too hard to make out Japan's protests of "W-what are you doing?!" and "Please stop that!"s among the small group of bullies' teases. Something about grades in math class and 'vague insults' and then it is cut off.

Anyone nearby may have just witnessed Japan getting shoved into a locker, yes.]


[The following is added shortly after, and you might notice his voice... echoes a bit more than before.]

Forgive me for that, I must have lost signal. In any case, if you know me, please contact me. ...Chihiro-san, are you still all right?

Ah, and Seifer, I am ready.


(ooc: TAGS will probably come after class!!)

三十七 [video]
I am not fit for such things...
[The feed turns on to a view of Japan, an expression mixed confused and embarrassed on his face. Behind him is a blank, white, dingy wall. It looks like whatever room they are in hasn't been used in a while. It doesn't give you much clue as to WHERE he is currently but...

The camera moves a bit, looks like someone is holding it with the way it shakes and finally a voice from behind the view.]
See this Discedo? He's mine now. I stole the country fair and square.

M-"Mine?!" Do not state such a thing like that!

[The comm is set down on a surface as the freckled pirate steps into view, grinning ear to ear, he slips an arm around his shoulders.] This is my port o' call for the time being. He's still a free country though. But I don't want any trolls or anyone to come bothering him. Consider this a vacation, poor little guy is too stressed. [Japan gets an affectionate hair-ruffle.]

You want him? Leave a message. We'll get back to you.

Ah... Ace-kun, I am not sure... How long is this intended?! I have many things—...

[And Ace proceeds to walk toward the camera and turn the feed off.]

三十六 [video]
perhaps next time
[Japan is always a fan of the video option. Anyway it clicks on to show him, and if the last minute catch of him sheathing his sword wasn't enough of a hint at his more business-related post, his black uniform might be. Although, his hands are not currently through the sleeves of the jacket, leaving a more casual look.

Enough fashion talk though.]
For those of you who interacted with me during that time, I apologize for any confusion. [He doesn't specify what 'that' time is, although he's always this vague. Surely you can read the atmosphere and know he's talking about his chip removal!]

That aside, it is a rather sudden request, but is there anyone who can wield a blade and would like to assist me in my training? [there's something of a sideglance here. you can probably catch a bit more of his surroundings when he does that, though all is clear is that he's outside.] While I am receiving plenty of training in other areas, I am worried my skills with a sword are lacking.

If incentive is needed... I am sure something can be worked out.

...That is all. [click!]

三十五 [accidental video]
I am in the middle of something so...
[The video clicks on to darkness at first, the sounds of shuffling and... a cat? rather clear. It becomes clearer as the darkness moves from the screen to reveal a terrifying closeup of Holland's face. Japan, once again, is in his seclusion blanket. But something seems... more real about this.]

Get out of there.

P-please calm yourself! Approach this differently!

Can't approach anything...with you under...there...! [The camera shakes as Holland attempts to tug Japan out from under the table. And blanket. Japan attempts to roll further under the table in his blanket, leaving Netherlands on all fours, awkwardly trying to duck his head under the table without messing up his hair.]

I would rather die than go outside!

You can't really die anymore idiot.

[Japan pulls the blanket over his face, knocking the communicator away. There is only the view of a twitching cat tail, now.]


[At the word, Japan screams dramatically, and the cat jumps to run away, knocking the communicator off in the process.

Roomies feel free to action tag! Everyone else can just witness the screaming from afar... Orange is Holland and Purple is Japan, of course.]

三十四 [action ; Marshall 103-104]
I believe you should reconsider
[Forward dated to March 11th.

Basically there will be too many shenanigans to ignore. So roomie action post!]

三十三 [video]
perhaps next time
( okay so the angle is pretty weird and a hand half covers the lens. it clears up and you can see from above a lot of hay, with two figures on top of it. correction: one person on the hay, the other, smaller person half curled up on the other.

that person being japan.

he appears to be fast asleep, hands drawn up, using denmark's chest as a pillow and actually pretty comfortable looking. there is also straw in his hair. denmark's free arm is casually draped over japan's back, and he's holding up the communicator with his other, lying on his back in the cow's feed pile. he also has straw in his hair, but it blends in suspiciously well.

scattered around are beer bottles. denmark blinks and then grins up at the camera. )

We're both wearing pants, I checked!

( he nods. ) So I didn't cheat on anyone this tiiiiii— ( yaaaaaaawn— ) —iiiime.

It's normal for friends to be like this! ( he's calling them friends again. he drops his arm down and the communicator with it, showing now the barn ceiling and more straw. )

Isn't it cuuuuuuute like this?

Okay! I'm going back to sleep!

[So Japan needs to learn how to say no to drinking. BUT ANYWAY. These two will reply once they're awake!]

三十二 [action/video]
if you can defeat me
[Anyone who might've been hanging out near the hospital to wait for Japan's return would realize that he did not waste any time. Immediately after showing up, some time this evening, he sat up and brought a hand to his head. It was difficult not to get a head rush after so long... Wait, how long? ... It was hard to know.

There were plenty of complicated feelings that he hid well behind a line face, but something else caught his eye-- or didn't, really-- immediately. His sword. Where was it?

There was the briefest of pauses before he took his communicator off of the table next to him and started the video. His voice is slow, and his face is as blank as ever. He's sure to repeat it in both English and Japanese.]

I have returned. If anyone is aware of the whereabouts of my sword, I would like it back.

[he hesitates, as if considering to add something else, and then just covers the screen with his hand and turns it off.]

三十一 [action/text]
my borders are closed
[Well, all that crazy business with Denmark's communicator earlier in the day was a nice distraction, but there were other things on Japan's mind now. Anyway. If you happen to live in or near Marshall, you might be able to spot Japan on his way to or from the roof (or in his apartment if it's easier for the roomie), or simply sitting on it.

Yes. Despite the cold, Japan is sitting on the roof in the middle of the night, bundled up in his warmest outfit (which is probably a kimono with a scarf) and his seclusion blanket and staring up at the sky. Why yes he is reminiscing.

ANYWAY that boring part aside, there's also a text post!]

I find myself looking forward to the Spring already. The changing of the seasons can be a beautiful thing, in my opinion...

That thought aside, though... I was wondering which doctors are able to remove chips. Also, Japanese and English classes will be canceled through the 11th, so please keep up with your work, or I will be forced to be stern come the returning date. After the 11th, class resumes as normal.

Ace-kun, I would like to speak with you once more.


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